Capturing Dance with WY Performers

Without a doubt one of my favourite things to shoot is dance. I recently have been working alot with West Yorkshire Theatre Dance Centre based in Ossett, Wakefield. Capturing dance always throws alot of challenges at you as a photographer. There is limited amount of light and alot of fast movement making it tricky to capture sharp shots, also stage lighting behaves very errattically with the camera in terms of colour balance and texture; overcoming all of this makes it one of the most satisfying things to shoot. 

I have posted a few shots from WY Perfomers recent production Aladdin. A really beautifully put together show in terms of staging and performance; a complete visual feast for a photographer and I found myself running around the theatre snapping away in excitement as each scene had a new lovely visual to try to capture. 

I think it's the immediacy and urgency you need to bring to capturing live performance that I find so exciting. It almost feels like a sport running around trying to capture moments, with some variety, before the next scene starts. The shows always fly by! 

Again, I have to compliment WY performers on their work, the shows are of an exceptional standard and the young performers deliver incredibly mature, confident and accomplished performances any theatre goer would enjoy. 

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